Mecha Solutions

About Us

About Us

We are leading the way for the automation.

Technology company headquartered in Plainfield, state of Indiana, operating mainly in smart solutions for home, business and industrial use, bringing comfort, efficiency and control over daily boring tasks.

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Qualified Engineers

Highly qualified professionals ready to make your projects happen from start to finish.

Best Solutions

The most up-to-date solutions in technology and connectivity.

Development and Support

Development of custom solutions and differentiated support in the market.


Robots installed


Associates & Counting...


Successful Projects


Year of experience

Commitment to the Project. From start to finish.

Mecha Solutions is here to meet all needs of all branches of industry activities. We are prepared to face any kind of challenge to show you what Mecha is able to do and execute to attend our customer with maximum satisfaction possible.


We Follow Best Practices

No matter if your company is a producer of foods, machinery, liquids, medicines or others products. We are sure we will be able to get with you in the best way possible to upgrade effectively whatever kind of manufacturing, supervision, quality control and inspection systems.